at Reid-Hillview Airport, 2500 Cunningham Ave., San Jose, CA 95148

11th Annual Hot San Jose Nights

Airport Day & S.T.E.A.M.!


Baylands RC Group

Family friendly classic car show & static airplane show: Saturday, September 8, 2018 10am - 4 at Reid-Hillview Airport 2500 Cunningham Ave., San Jose, CA 95148

Baylands RC Group is directed by Ray Manuel.  They'll be putting on "The Greatest Little Air Show in the World" with all RC planes with commentary!  The show starts at 12:30pm.  There will be a static display of various RC Airplanes, Jets, Helicopters and Drones. Ranging from WWII all the way up to modern times. Planes will be hobby grade and professional grade as well! Some will cost in excess of $10000+

They will have several Simulators for anyone to try out flying an RC aircraft without fear of breaking anything! Free for the public to use and there will be instructors there to help as well.

There will be a HANDS ON section for anyone to see what it takes to get an RC aircraft working. Drones and Airplanes will be in this section with in depth discussions on what makes them work.

The airshow will be a mix of all the types of aircraft that are commonly flown for fun and competition. From the cheapest to the most expensive. Electric, Gas and JET's will get airtime.

Their whole purpose is to show the community that their hobby is fun and safe! It is also the gateway to STEAM for school age kids! This group has a wide age range from 7 all the way up to over 60. They do it for fun and some of them are lucky enough to do it for a living!